Improving the Courthouse Experience with Design

Fontana Courthouse Expansion and Remodel

At the San Bernardino County Superior Court in Fontana, overcrowding was well on its way to becoming a bigger issue for the court than the caseloads. But relief is on its way with the construction of an 18,000-SF addition and remodel of existing space.

The existing 35-year-old building was opened when the community was much smaller, and the court caseload was lighter than it is today.

The Fontana Courthouse project was conducted in a two-phased approach, consisting of the remodel of the existing 9,000-SF building, and an addition of 18,000 SF. The resulting modernization and additions give the court three new courtrooms, a judge’s chamber, a jury assembly area, jury deliberation rooms, restrooms, and an elevator. The remodel also eases workflow layouts and make it easier for visitors to navigate throughout the space. The long-term approach to the new project allows room for future expansion.


  • 18,000 SF
  • Fontana, CA